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Listen to articles and pdf with audioread

Experience the convenience and enjoyment of consuming information on the go with Audioread. With this tool, you can listen to your favorite reads in your preferred podcast app.

Key Features:

  • Easy conversion from written content to podcasts, including articles, PDFs, and emails.
  • Support for various file formats, ensuring compatibility for different types of written materials.
  • Enjoy your converted content in the podcast app of your choice.

Possible Applications:

  • Enhance your daily commute by listening to articles or important documents.
  • Increase productivity by multitasking and listening to content while performing other tasks.
  • Make information consumption more convenient and engaging by converting written materials into podcasts.

Audioread is an invaluable tool that offers a seamless way to enjoy written content in audio format.

Rishabh Dwivedi

Rishabh is an accomplished Software Developer with over a year of expertise in Frontend Development and Design. Proficient in Next.js, he has also gained valuable experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. His passion lies in crafting scalable products that deliver exceptional value.

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