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Nvidia Researchers Developed and Open-Sourced a Standardized Machine Learning Framework for Time Series Forecasting Benchmarking

Time series forecasting is a critical field in machine learning, with applications in finance, weather prediction, and demand forecasting. Researchers and data scientists have been constantly developing new methods and models to improve the accuracy and efficiency of time series forecasting. Recently, Nvidia researchers have made a significant contribution to the field by developing and open-sourcing a standardized machine learning framework for time series forecasting benchmarking.

Introducing the Time Series Prediction Platform (TSPP)

The Nvidia Time Series Prediction Platform (TSPP) is a comprehensive benchmarking tool that aims to address the challenges faced in time series forecasting. The TSPP framework provides an end-to-end solution for training, tuning, and deploying time series models. It offers a standardized approach for evaluating the performance of different machine learning methods in real-world scenarios.

Benefits of TSPP

The TSPP framework offers several benefits that make it an invaluable tool for time series forecasting:

  1. Standardization: TSPP provides a standardized approach to time series forecasting, ensuring consistent evaluation and comparison of different models and methods.
  2. Modularity: The framework’s modular components allow for easy integration of datasets, models, and training techniques, making it flexible and adaptable to different use cases.
  3. Comprehensive Methodology: TSPP covers the entire machine learning lifecycle, including data handling, model design, optimization, training, inference, predictions on unseen data, and uncertainty quantification.
  4. Performance: Extensive benchmarking has shown that when implemented and optimized properly, deep learning models within the TSPP framework can rival or surpass the performance of traditional gradient-boosting decision trees, which have long been considered superior.

Key Features of TSPP

The TSPP framework encompasses various key features that contribute to its effectiveness and practicality:

  1. Data Preparation: TSPP provides tools for data preprocessing, handling missing values, and feature engineering, ensuring the data is ready for model training and evaluation.
  2. Model Design: The framework supports various machine learning algorithms, including deep learning models, along with techniques for model architecture design and hyperparameter tuning.
  3. Optimization: TSPP includes optimization algorithms that aim to improve the performance of time series models by minimizing errors and maximizing accuracy.
  4. Model Training: The framework offers efficient and scalable solutions for training time series models, enabling quick iterations and experimentation.
  5. Inference and Predictions: TSPP allows users to make predictions on unseen data and assess the performance of their models in a real-world scenario.
  6. Tuner Component: The TSPP framework includes a tuner component that automatically selects the optimal configuration for post-deployment monitoring and uncertainty quantification.

The Impact of TSPP

The introduction of TSPP has had a significant impact on the field of time series forecasting. It has provided researchers and data scientists with a powerful tool for developing and evaluating time series models. The standardized approach offered by TSPP ensures that the performance of different models can be objectively compared, enabling researchers to identify the most effective methods for specific use cases.

The benchmarking results of TSPP have challenged traditional perceptions that gradient-boosting decision trees are superior to deep learning models in time series forecasting. Through extensive testing and validation, TSPP has demonstrated that when implemented and optimized properly, deep learning models can achieve comparable or even superior performance. This finding opens up new possibilities for the use of deep learning in time series forecasting and encourages further exploration in this area.


The development and open-sourcing of the Nvidia Time Series Prediction Platform (TSPP) mark a significant step forward in time series forecasting. The standardized machine learning framework offers a comprehensive solution for benchmarking time series forecasting models, allowing for objective evaluation and comparison. With its modularity, comprehensive methodology, and performance capabilities, TSPP provides researchers and data scientists with a powerful tool to develop and evaluate accurate and efficient time series models.

The impact of TSPP on the field of time series forecasting cannot be overstated. It challenges traditional assumptions about the superiority of gradient-boosting decision trees and highlights the potential of deep learning models. With TSPP, researchers and data scientists can explore new avenues and push the boundaries of time series forecasting, leading to more accurate and practical solutions in various real-world applications.

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