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Send Personalized Cold Emails With Luna AI

Luna is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist sales professionals in generating leads and personalizing cold emails.

Its key features and benefits include:

  • Access to a large number of leads: Users can find leads that are a perfect fit for their proposition, with profiles that are 100% verified.
  • Personalized cold emails: Luna provides AI-generated email suggestions that are tailored to each individual lead.
  • Integration: Luna can be integrated with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and more than 5,000 apps through Zapier.
  • Trusted and secure: Google and Microsoft have officially approved Luna after thorough security testing.

Luna has various use cases that cater to different types of sales professionals:

  • Sales teams can efficiently access targeted leads and personalize cold emails.
  • Businesses can grow with scalable plans and seamless integration options.
  • Sales professionals can improve lead generation and email outreach in any language.

Overall, Luna provides a powerful solution for sales professionals, enabling them to quickly and effectively access leads and personalize cold emails.

Rishabh Dwivedi

Rishabh is an accomplished Software Developer with over a year of expertise in Frontend Development and Design. Proficient in Next.js, he has also gained valuable experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. His passion lies in crafting scalable products that deliver exceptional value.

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