Introducing Bisheng: The Open-Source Platform Transforming LLM Application Development

In today’s digital age, the demand for intelligent applications powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) is on the rise. These applications are capable of understanding and processing natural language, enabling a wide range of use cases, from dialogue systems to knowledge base Q&A systems. However, developing LLM applications can be complex and time-consuming, requiring a deep understanding of LLM technologies and access to robust development tools. That’s where Bisheng, an open-source LLM DevOps platform, comes into play, revolutionizing the LLM application development process.

Introducing Bisheng

Bisheng, launched under the Apache 2.0 License, is an innovative open-source platform designed to facilitate and accelerate the development of LLM applications. The platform is named after the inventor of movable type printing, symbolizing its potential to revolutionize the dissemination of knowledge through intelligent applications.

Easy-to-Use for Business Users

One of the key features of Bisheng is its usability for both business users and technical experts. Business users can leverage pre-configured application templates and intuitive form-filling processes to build intelligent applications centered around LLM swiftly. This ease of use ensures that even those without deep technical expertise can develop sophisticated LLM applications.

Flexibility for Developers and Experts

For developers and experts familiar with LLM technologies, Bisheng offers extensive flexibility. The platform includes hundreds of development components that align with the latest trends in the LLM ecosystem. Users can utilize visual and flexible process orchestration capabilities to create diverse types of LLM applications beyond simple prompting projects. This flexibility allows developers to unleash their creativity and build powerful applications tailored to their specific needs.

Enterprise-Level Features

It distinguishes itself from other open-source projects by offering enterprise-level features. These include high availability under high concurrency, continuous iteration, and optimization of application operations. The platform is designed to handle real production use cases, making it reliable for enterprise-level deployment. Bisheng also addresses the issue of uneven data quality within enterprises by providing comprehensive unstructured data governance capabilities, which have been honed over years of experience. These capabilities are accessible in the demo environment and are offered without limitations.

Diverse Application Possibilities

The applications that can be built using Bisheng are diverse. They range from analysis report generation, such as contract review and credit investigation reports, to knowledge base Q&A systems, including user manual Q&A and research report knowledge bases. The platform also supports dialogue-based applications like role-playing as an interviewer or foreign language teacher, as well as element extraction tasks from contracts and engineering reports. It’s vision extends beyond dialogue-based interactions. The platform aims to support various application forms, including process automation and search functionalities, to meet the evolving needs of enterprise scenarios.

The Advantages of Bisheng

Simplified Development Process

With Bisheng, the development process of LLM applications is simplified. The platform provides a user-friendly interface, allowing business users to easily create applications without requiring deep technical expertise. Developers and experts, on the other hand, benefit from the flexibility and extensive development components provided by Bisheng, enabling them to create advanced LLM applications with ease.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Bisheng’s enterprise-level features ensure the reliability and scalability required for real production use cases. The platform is designed to handle high concurrency and offers continuous iteration and optimization of application operations. This makes Bisheng a reliable choice for enterprise-level deployment, where robustness and performance are crucial.

Comprehensive Data Governance

Data quality is a key concern in enterprises. Bisheng addresses this issue by providing comprehensive unstructured data governance capabilities. These capabilities ensure that data used in LLM applications is of high quality, improving the accuracy and reliability of the applications built on the platform.

Open-Source and Community-Driven

Being an open-source platform, Bisheng benefits from the collective knowledge and contributions of the developer community. This means that the platform is continuously evolving, with new features and improvements being added over time. The open-source nature also fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among developers, creating a vibrant ecosystem around LLM application development.


Bisheng is a game-changer in the field of LLM application development. By providing an open-source platform that caters to both business users and technical experts, Bisheng democratizes the development process, making it accessible to a wider range of users. With its enterprise-level features, Bisheng ensures the reliability and scalability required for real production use cases. The platform’s comprehensive data governance capabilities address the issue of uneven data quality within enterprises. Overall, Bisheng revolutionizes the LLM application development process, empowering users to build intelligent applications that leverage the power of Large Language Models.

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Aditya Toshniwal

Aditya is a Computer science graduate from VIT, Vellore. Has deep interest in the area of deep learning, computer vision, NLP and LLMs. He like to read and write about latest innovation in AI.

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